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    Rodger Guest

    Default TypeName function doesn't work

    In the scripting reference I downloaded from Microsoft it named the function typename which returns a string that provides Variant subtype information about a variable. But I keep getting the error message:<BR><BR>Variable uses an Automation type not supported in VBScript: &#039TypeName&#039 <BR><BR>Here&#039s the code where it is used:<BR><BR> AddressCount = rstemp4("Total")<BR><BR> type1 = TypeName(AddressCount)<BR> type2 = TypeName(j)<BR> response.write"&#060;p&#062;AddressCount is: &#060;p&#062; "<BR> response.write type1<BR><BR>Any ideas why I get the error meesage?<BR>

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    Rodger Guest

    Default RE: TypeName function doesn't work

    PS. rstemp4("Total") should be the integer "9"<BR> It comes from the SQL statement:<BR><BR> mySQL4="SELECT COUNT(pma.property_id) AS Total "<BR> mySQL4 = mySQL4 & " FROM g_address a, g_property_mailing_address pma, g_data_reference dr"<BR> mySQL4 = mySQL4 & " WHERE a.address_id = pma.mail_id "<BR> mySQL4 = mySQL4 & " AND display_address LIKE &#039"<BR> mySQL4 = mySQL4 & strAddressin & "%&#039"<BR> mySQL4 = mySQL4 & " AND pma.property_id = dr.module_id "

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