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    I have a feeling already about this one, but here&#039s the situation:<BR><BR>We&#039re working on some interactive stuff for a little online project, and the question has recently come up, "Can we put this on a disc for people that can&#039t get online?"<BR><BR>Now since the "S" in ASP means "server," I&#039m assuming there&#039s probably not a lot we can do, but is there any kind of portable format to display ASP pages, as from a CD on a machine not connected to the server? (aside from running PWS on each machine)<BR><BR>Thanks for your insight.<BR><BR>Paul<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Nope, need PWS on each machine.<BR><BR>If the pages contain straight HTML and no ASP code, think about changing the extension to HTML.<BR><BR>If there are no database or server object calls, think about rewriting some of the ASP code to client-side Javascript/VBScript. I think anything you do with ASP, short of database and server objects calls, you can do with client-side scripting.

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