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    Hi i need convert pages asp to html, i read abaut the component asphtm and i found this , but dont&#039 function, say :<BR>The number of arguments or property no valid for &#039Converter.WriteToFile&#039 <BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Set Converter = Server.CreateObject ("NCWebToy.ASPHTM")<BR>Converter.WriteToFile "http://default.asp", "c:index.html"<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR><BR> somebody can tell me why?, or where i can found infromation abuot the asphtm component<BR> thanks <BR><BR>

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    if you&#039re talking about the asp2htm component that comes with the iis resource kit. you create it by<BR><BR>set http = server.createobject("iisamples.asp2htm")<BR><BR>yo u should have gotten some documentation when you installed the component.

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