E-mailing using ASP.How?

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Thread: E-mailing using ASP.How?

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    Hendon Guest

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    I&#039m developing an asp site where user have to register there.<BR>And as a result of their registeration, I need to reply each of them an e-mail to inform them their password. <BR><BR>Their personal information name, email address etc. is kept in a database.<BR><BR>The question is, how do I make a program to automatically send e-mails to all that have registered with me without typing eac e-mail one bye one? . Hope you guys can help.Thanks.<BR><BR>Hendon<BR>

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    Rob Guest

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    Use CDONTS (see article below called CDONTS).<BR>First, get all their e-mail addresses out of the DB.<BR>generate a string and seperate the e-mail addresses with a semi-colon.<BR><BR>objMail.To = strEmail

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