How to EMAIL using EXCHANGE 5.5

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Thread: How to EMAIL using EXCHANGE 5.5

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    Hi all,<BR> i&#039m building an app in ASP on SBS (small business server). This means the sql, exchange AND iis are all on the same machine.<BR><BR>Therefore I cannot use NewMail becuase that is not installed onto IIS when exchange exists on the same machine.<BR><BR>When i use exchange, it never works, giving me an error about path or something....<BR><BR>I&#039m assuming it cannot find the users mailbox or something. The code i got was from WROX ASP2.0 professional.<BR><BR>So, until i can go home later, can any suggest some code that uses EXCHANGE to email? And possibly what to do if i cannot find this mailbox? I know the mail box works becuase i&#039m using t all the time.<BR><BR>more information to come..... but anything right now would be very helpful.<BR><BR>Pure Krome

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    I don&#039t know if this will work or not, but we used a product known as JMail (Free) to send e-mail through exchange server. Withing the code, you tell what the DNS is for your exchange server.<BR><BR>Check out<BR><BR>HTH ( Let me know )<BR><BR>Jerry

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    Yeah.<BR> that is EXACTLY what I am using (have been) for a while, but i really don&#039t like using other compnents when we have the appropriate stuff already set up.<BR><BR>I was hoping to do things like<BR>1) check email address is valid DURING registration process<BR>2) bad emails get returned to specific email boxes<BR><BR>-PK-

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