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    I&#039m trying to take a time and add a certain number of minutes to it, but it keeps concatenating instead. Any ideas on how I can work with time values?

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    Always convert time to it&#039s millisecond value before doing any maniplulations to it. Try this..<BR><BR>var millisecondsPerMinute = 60000;<BR>var numberOfMinutesWeWantToAdd = 4; // or what ever number needed <BR>var d = new Date();<BR>var dMilli = d.valueOf(); // convert to milliseconds.<BR>dMilii = dMilli + millisecondsPerMinute * numberOfMinutesWeWantToAdd ; // add minutes<BR>var newDate = new Date(dMilli);<BR><BR>Let me know if this works. <BR><BR>Joe<BR><BR><BR>

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