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    Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this error<BR>Error Type:<BR>Response object, ASP 0100 (0x8007000E)<BR>Unable to allocate required memory.<BR>/index2.asp<BR><BR>Generated by this code:<BR>par="&#060;P align=center&#062;&#060;A HREF=emailto:"<BR>While Not objRec.EOF<BR>Response.Write objRec("name")&par&objRec("email")&"&#062;"&objRec ("email")&"&#060;/A&#062; &#060;/P&#062;<BR>"<BR>Wend

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    Maybe you are missing your objRec.MoveNext.<BR><BR>I think you have an infinite loop going on there.

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    Thanks<BR>That seems to have helped, not quite there yet but much closer

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