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    Hello,<BR><BR>I try to use RegExp. I know I have to install Windows Script 5.5 on my server (NT4 SP5 800MB RAM 2xPIII800 IE4).<BR><BR>Okay I&#039m done and I get with<BR><BR>&#060;%=ScriptEngine%&#062;<BR><BR>&#0 60;%=ScriptEngineMajorVersion%&#062;<BR><BR>&#060; %=ScriptEngineMinorVersion%&#062;<BR><BR><BR>the response:<BR><BR>VBScript<BR>5<BR>5<BR><BR><BR>Oka y, now I wanted to try my first RegExp Script.<BR><BR>But trying my first line (that comes from an example page of this site):<BR><BR>set regEx = New RegExp <BR><BR>I get the following answer from my server:<BR><BR>error &#039 8002801d&#039 <BR>Library not registered. <BR><BR>/lsbu-marketing-work/common/clearallhtml.asp, line 32 <BR><BR><BR>What Have i done wrong? I used the installation exe a second time (and restarted my server) but it remains the same...<BR><BR>I downloaded the installation exe from here<BR><BR><BR>and use the file for nt4 scr55en.exe<BR><BR><BR><BR>Any Idea?<BR><BR>Best Regards<BR><BR>Jan<BR><BR>

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    This seems to be an issue with 5.5... sigh, I had this problem too myself. Check out this URL:<BR><BR><BR>HTH

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