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    Hi,<BR>I want an on_change event for a drop down box to call a function which will return the value of the selected option. I need to put this value into a Session variable as from this ASP page I am redirecting to another page without submitting the current form. I subsequently return to the original ASP and use the value in the Session variable. If that makes any sense, can someone help. Many thanks, JC

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    It takes some work to call ASP code (such as to store values into a Session variable) without redirecting to another page. In the past I&#039ve done this by using frames, and having one of the frames hidden (give the frame a 0 size in the frameset... may take some tweaking). Actions on the visible frame can use Javascript to pass values to the hidden frame, which does its own redirection to save the passed value to a Session variable. Hope that helps.

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