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    Avril Guest

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    I have a form with a number of different form elements on it incl radio buttons, dropdowns etc. When I hit the submit button a default value(the first value) gets posted from the dropdown menu even if it has not been checked by the user. I need to be able to tell which elements have been checked by the user so that the appropriate SQL statement is executed. I have been testing to see if the form value = "" but this isn&#039t working because a value is being posted from the dropdown box whether it has been checked or not. Does anyone know if there is a way to test if an option has been chosen from a dropdown menu apart from testing to see if the dropdown box value ="".

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    Alan Flaherty Guest

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    use the first value to comment on the dropdown<BR>i.e. : "select one"<BR>then test for "select one"<BR><BR>or use a javascript onchange event handler to write into<BR>a hidden field then test the hidden field <BR><BR>onchange="document.form.hiddenflag.value=& #039changed&#039;"

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    Avril Guest

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    I think that will work, Cheers!

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