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    Alan Flaherty Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>How can I request an asp page using post method in my scripts?<BR>I&#039ve pages on 2 different servers and I cant use a url string<BR>because the data to be passed could be larger than it will handle<BR><BR>pls pls pls sb save my *** as I have to get this up and running<BR>I&#039ve spent the last few days looking for anything relevant but<BR>i cant see any way to create a form inside an asp script <BR><BR><BR>Alan

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    KPW Guest

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    What about using cookies or writing the data to a temp database? Are those viable possibilities?

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    Alan Flaherty Guest

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    the situation is I have a site that runs all my asp except for cdo mail, I have another server that runs the cdo mail component. These msg&#039s have to be sent in html format for aesthetic purposes I was trying to make a script that took the request variables made the email and then response.redirects back to the main site but now the mail is getting fairly big :(<BR><BR>So if a customer orders lots of stuff it will go over the length the url string can handle<BR><BR>Can you have a cookie that is sent to 2 sites ?<BR>or can you make one for from

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    KPW Guest

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    I believe that cookies can only be set for the current site. What about the idea of using a temp database?<BR><BR>Why do you have a different server running the mail component?

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