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    David Keaveny Guest

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    As an ASP.NET test project, I am porting an old ASP app to .NET,and have come across the following teaser.<BR><BR>I have a dataset of categories that I iterate through, and having displayed the category name, I then display all the associated records from another table under it, before iterating to the next category. Can anyone come up with the best way of doing this with .NET (.ascx, pagelets, Listbound controls or whatever)? My brain hurts from trying!

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    Don R. Wolthuis Guest

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    I can think of a couple ways to do this. If you want a quick sample with source code go to http://www.aspnextgen.com/quickstart/aspplus/ and scroll to the bottom of the page and under "Sample Applications" click on "A Class Browser Applciation" it is a great example of a Master/Detail page.<BR><BR>Hope it helps you out!<BR><BR>DRW, MCSD<BR>ASPNextGen.com<BR>mailto:don.wolthuis@code junkies.net

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