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    I&#039m looking to start using SQL Server and would like a bit of help regarding the setup I&#039ll need on the development machine (ie software we should be purchasing). The Microsoft site just confuses the hell out of me.<BR><BR>I was hoping to be able to work with mySQL - but finding a hosting company that supports both mySQL and ASP together has proved nigh on impossible. If anyone knows of such a company I&#039d be most grateful.

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    If you&#039re looking to use mySQL you might be better off using PHP instead of ASP. PHP and mySQL work very well with each other and both are free. PHP is a pretty easy scripting language to learn (they&#039ve got EXCELLENT documentation at www.php.net) and it has a bunch of mySQL functions built in to it. You can use PHP with IIS, Apache, and a number of other servers on windows and unix platforms (same goes with mySQL). Finding a hosting company that supports the php + mySQL combo will be easier too. www.portland.co.uk even provides free hosting (15MB, but of course you could pay for more. the php site lists other hosts too).<BR><BR>As for ASP + MS SQL server, you&#039ll need WinNT or Win2000 plus a SQL server 7 liscense (they ain&#039t cheap).

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