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Thread: how to make to myfolder.

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    Hi:<BR>Anybody know how to config your IIS server such that the virtual directory access become url access. For instance, currently access to virtual directory &#039myfolder&#039 will be &, I want it to become &<BR>Thanx

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    That&#039s fairly easy. These instructions are for IIS5, I assume IIS4 is similar:<BR><BR> - Open the IIS administration tool in MMC<BR> - Right-click on your server name, choose New =&#062; Web Site.<BR> - When prompted for the Host Header for this site, type "".<BR> - When prompted for the folder, point it to the location of your site.<BR><BR>All done! Keep in mind that your DNS server must have a generic entry to pass * to your IP, if it only has an entry to then you&#039ll first have to update your DNS server.

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