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    Does anyone know of a link that explains what type of database to use for what type of application (or have the patience to explain)?<BR><BR>For example, if I wanted to write an asp app that lets people file resumes online and others to search through them, would I need a MSSQL Server or would an MSAccess database suffice? Thanks for your help!

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    Mark Hoffman Guest

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    I know this is going to start a jihad, but if you&#039re going to have a database that is being hit by users on the Internet, then you probably want to take a look at SQL Server. <BR><BR>Yes..Yes...Access will work. For a while. Simply put, Access doesn&#039t scale and it&#039s security has a lot to be desired. It is meant to be a lower end database, it&#039s just not designed for massive use.<BR><BR>To satisfy the Access radicals, Access is a great database that is easy and exceptionally simple to put online. For a small site, it will work and work fine. Obviously, you can start with Access and if usage and budget permit, upsize to SQL Server. SQL Server even includes an upsizing wizard, although I&#039ve never used it.<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR><BR>

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    I agree in part, but here&#039s my take:<BR><BR>Use Access If more of the following are true than not:<BR>1) The DB will be read only<BR>2) The amount of users simultaneously hitting it will be minimal (less than 10 concurrently).<BR>3) You don&#039t have the money to commit to sql server (and any hardware associated with it)<BR>4) The DB needs to be portable<BR>5) There are no security options necessary (i.e. if it&#039s web only and you will keep track of security externally instead of using Access&#039 built in security stuff)<BR>6) the DB will be uncomplicated (in the case of resumes, I guess it would depend on what you mean -- do you mean they upload it in word format and u just keep minimal info about the resume, or do you mean they fill information in and it creates a resume for them dynamically?).<BR><BR>Of course if 3 is true you won&#039t necessarily want to use access, but if it&#039s a choice between the two, obviously you won&#039t be able to use SQL server. There are free alternatives out there though, although I don&#039t know much about them (e.g. MySQL).

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    Joel Meyer Guest

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    Thanks for your help Mark and Stephen, it&#039s greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>

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