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    Convert asp page into html page. <BR>Q:index.asp has main news headline come from database <BR>when click the headline it will pass the value to <BR>shownews.asp page taking news value and connected to database run the query and displaying complete news.<BR>is there any solution for solving this type of problem converting asp into html.<BR> <BR>

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    Wouldn&#039t it be easier to have your page in frames and have the information you want showing and let the rest of your frames bne in html. You can split it into as many frames as you want with one frame being the asp and the rest being html.<BR>

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    we can generate .htm files using .asp pages. just tell me what is the database you are using. if it is sql server, i have got the solution for your problem, you can just send me the requirements what u want so that we can do it together.<BR><BR>send it to

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