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    Gentlemen<BR><BR>I&#039ve been reading the "Free is a Godd Price" Thread with interest as I&#039ve serious asperations to get going with an online contracting gig programming ASP/PHP solutions....<BR><BR>I&#039ve been doing a few projects of my own to get expierence, but wonder, 1st is it realistic to earn a living as a freelance programmer on the Net and secondly.... just how bloody skilled do you have to be to start making cash at this.... as we all know programming skills are an ever expanding challenge in terms of the type of languages and applications one can aspire too.....<BR><BR>Any hints of suggestion would be a really big help.... Our lad Ender is not the only one looking to expand his horizons... Ive been in the construction industry for too long now and want to get going on something I have more control over....<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Darren

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    I started out by looking a company website, redesigning them then showing them to the company in a sort of "What do think of that? You can have it and more for £XXXX". It did the trick. I now earn a comfortable living doing what I do working from home and keeping my dogs company ;)<BR><BR>Pete

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    Pete Thanks for you help....<BR><BR>Is there anyway you can send me an email so we can chat about this Ive got a few more pointed questions to ask and it seems you have some experience here... again any help is great help...<BR><BR>Darren<BR><BR>My Email is

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