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    Hi. I am using an RDB ODBC driver with ASP and I am having a problem retrieving rows from a query that accesses a table that contains the RDB "BIGINT" data type. If I execute the following SQL statement from the table and request only the fields that are NOT of the type "BIGINT" the SQL returns the expected rows (select name, hire_date from employee.) If the SQL includes columns that are type "BIGINT" like (select * from employee) then the query returns no rows and the EOF/BOF indicators are set to TRUE. This is true for a VB app that uses ADO to fetch rows from the table.

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    How big *is* a BIGINT in RDB? ADO (at least as used by ASP?) won&#039t handle anything larger than 32 bits. <BR><BR>If BIGINT is a DECIMAL value, you are also hosed--VBS doesn&#039t properly handle DECIMAL.<BR><BR>I don&#039t know RDB, but if its SQL processor is capable of CONVERT or CAST operations, try changing the field to a VARCHAR:<BR><BR>SELECT Convert(bigintField, VARCHAR), ..... FROM table<BR>or<BR>SELECT Cast(bigintField...) ... FROM table<BR><BR>[whatever the syntax of Cast/Convert is in RDB&#039s variant of SQL]<BR><BR>

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    Thanks. I will check the things you suggest. You were very helpful. John

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