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    I have a list of Needs that my company needs fulfilled. You view these needs by registering (login is your email address) and filling out your basic information. You can click on a need, then are sent to another page. On this page is a submit button where you are saying "Yes I want to fulfill this need". If they choose to fulfill it, Their email address is then input into a table in the database so we know who fulfilled that need. We need an email to be sent to us when they fulfill the need so we can contact them asap. This is just easier then going in each day and checking the database to see if any new needs were fulfilled. The email should have their email address, name, and phone number ( these are called"email", "fname", "sname", and "phone" in the database). Any idea on where to start on this? For reference, here is how the database is laid out:<BR><BR>VisitorsTbl: Contains all the member info, email address, first and last name, phone number, company, etc<BR>NeedsTbl: Contains our list of needs. There is also an empty column by each record where the persons email goes if they fulfill a need.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help,<BR><BR>-Dave

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    there are two short tutorials on sending mail from ASP at<BR><BR>j

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