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    Hello everyone!<BR><BR>Our company stores land records information for local goverment. We currenty have a web-based search that uses ODBC/ASP to connect to and pull data from our current products databases. So, my project (the web search) has no control over the design of the databases- I simply have to grab data from the source provided.<BR><BR>However, we are planning a major change to our product line, one that will take a few years to implement through our customer base. Part of this major change is the structure of our databases.<BR><BR>Currently, I simply use SQL commands to pull data from the databases. Something like:<BR><BR>rsCity.Open "SELECT CityName, CityCode FROM Master", objConn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic<BR><BR>However, our new programs use much more normalized data, and different databases. So, the SQL statement I use above will fail to work because:<BR><BR>a) The field names are different<BR>b) The table name is different<BR><BR>My dilema is, for several years, I will need to be able to support our clients using both database schemes.<BR><BR>So, in thinking about this, the only solution that I have been able to come up with is to store in each customer database (the only database that is specific to our web search, and the only one overwhich I have any control) a list of what data needs to be extracted, the table in which it is found, and the column name. I then have to connect to that client database, grab the the information, and build my SQL statements from that data.<BR><BR>Is there a better solution, or am I on the right track?<BR><BR>Thank you!

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    Hmm<BR><BR>Quite an Interesting Question.<BR><BR>I don&#039t know the ins and the outs of your operation.<BR><BR>My stupid idea would be to store the sql statements as a whole string in a table and depending on which place you are extracting from, grab that sql statement, its a maintainable way, but it would only work well if there were low amounts of different queries you need to make on each system.<BR><BR>Just a dumb idea. <BR>yours is probably a good way.<BR><BR>bicbw

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