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    I can&#039t connect to my database. I created an ASP App using PWS and transfered it to a recently setup windows 2000 web server. I&#039m using the following code to connect to a database that resides on a Netware 3.2 server. I&#039ve mapped the drive on the web server as drive F:, I&#039ve also tried creating a system DSN and a file DSN with no luck. Is there something I&#039m missing? I can connect to an Access DB that resides on the web server. <BR><BR>strConnect = "Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver};"<BR>strconnect = strconnect & "SourceDB=F:vfpfodataopenclose.dbc;SourceType=DBC; "<BR>strconnect = strconnect & "Exclusive=No;BackgroundFetch=Yes;Collate=Machine; Null=Yes;Deleted=Yes;"<BR><BR>conntemp.Open strconnect<BR><BR><BR>Error Type: <BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005) <BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Visual FoxPro Driver]Cannot open file f:vfpfodataopenclose.dbc. <BR>/openclose/nrcs/staff/staff.asp, line 16 <BR><BR><BR>Any ideas? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance, <BR>

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    does the default account have read/write access to that file?<BR><BR>j

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