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Thread: Input on Verisign and secure payment processing

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    Ed Guest

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    Has anyone has had any experiences, good or bad, with Verisign&#039s secure payment processing? The two options that I&#039m specifically looking at are Payflow Link and Payflow Pro. <BR><BR>The only potential issue that caught my eye is that a merchant&#039s Verisign logon ID is simply stored in a hidden field on an HTML page. Doesn&#039t this seem like a possible security risk? <BR><BR>Any feedback or opinions would be great. Thanks in advance. <BR><BR>Ed

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    John Mclaughlin Guest

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    I am currently setting up pay flow pro, was originally sold on the fact of Verisign having a cold fusion tag. I am not very familiar with ASP so I have to wing it. Currently I have it processing and order but there are a few security issues I see. What I have going on right now is a cold fusion template sending to the Verisign ASP page and ending on that page with an approved result. The hidden fields as you stated with the information for processing is out in the open currently on the submitting page. If I were using a cold fusion page instead of an asp page I would handle in with this process. When you hit process it sends to a cold fusion page and sets values there for processing the card (id, login, password) and submits the card. When the approval is returned its send to another page with results. Not allowing to go back. If a user never lands on the process page then the user cannot see the data. I just have to work out this same process on the current asp page I am using to process the cards. No one will ever see the asp page.

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