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    Charles La Shure Guest

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    I&#039ve been drafted as one man of a two-man "web design" team to build a web page for an academic society (primarily because we are the only two who know anything about web pages). I can handle the basics of web page writing, but this project is going to require a database. I know nothing about databases and very little about ASP. I&#039ve been rooting around here and elsewhere and I have a few questions...<BR><BR>1) Where can I find MS&#039s Personal Web Server? I know I shouldn&#039t have to ask this question, but the link from this site to is redirected to another page, and I can&#039t for the life of me find a page where you can actually download the blasted thing.<BR><BR>2) From the looks of things (and I may be totally wrong--at least I hope I am), it appears that the database needs to be on the server in order to be accessed. What if you don&#039t have access to the server? I do have space on a server that I can ftp to, but I don&#039t actually have physical access to the server. I&#039ve never done this sort of thing before, so I really have no idea how it works.<BR><BR>Those are the two basics right now--I&#039m basically in the position where I don&#039t even know enough to ask an intelligent question. Any help at all would be very greatly appreciated. This whole thing is supposed to come together by the end of next week, and I am obviously going to have to learn ASP and databases well before that. Right now I feel like playing a game of Russian roulette, except with all the chambers full...<BR><BR>C.L.

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    1) PWS comes as part of the NT 4 option pack. You can download versions for NT4 and Win 95 from the Microsoft site. Or if you have Win 98, it is on the CD.<BR><BR>2)Yes, the database does need to be on the server, but if the database is going to be MsAccess, you should be able to ftp it across to the server without any problems.<BR><BR>Ready by the end of next week ? Good luck :)

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    Kempo Guest

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    I don&#039t mean to patronize, but is your server an NT server? Cos it should be for Access/ASP

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    Charles La Shure Guest

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    Yes, it&#039s NT, but thanks for your concern.

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    Rob V Guest

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    Good luck with your project. You have a very short timeline. I have been learning web database (very new to it myself) following the examples in "Sam&#039s Teach Yourself Visual Interdev6 in 24 hours" ISBN 0-672-316642 - A very nice book which has got me started on my current project:<BR><BR>Just working on a unique identifier for the ad number now.<BR><BR>Again, good luck!<BR>Rob<BR>

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    Default Here are good sources to get started

    Answer to Q1: To install from Windows 98 CD (You don&#039t have to have Windows 98 installed - just access to the Windows 98 CD; it will install on Windows 95 machine):<BR><BR>x:add-onspwssetup.exe<BR>where x is CD drive letter<BR><BR>To find out what to install and how to configure, visit:<BR><BR>Explains PWS and how to install/configure it.<BR><BR>Answer to Q2:<BR>You need to find a server that hosts ASP pages:<BR>There are links to sites on these pages to free webservers that support ASP. <BR><BR>Good Luck!<BR><BR><BR>

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