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    How do I map(server.mappath) to an other server?<BR><BR>mike

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    DeQuicey Guest

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    Um...this is the Database forum...<BR><BR>And, anyway, what the heck are you trying to do?<BR><BR>Server.mappath returns a physical path on the local server. So, you&#039d need an asp page on the other server, but it&#039ll give you the path on that server. Not some path from one server to another...<BR><BR>Basically it&#039s there give you a physical path for a file when you need that as input for something else. Using Server.MapPath() avoids coding static locations of the type "D:inetpubwwwroot..."<BR><BR>Check this out...<BR>

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    mike (again) Guest

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    this is what I want:<BR>strProvider="Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=" & \*.mdb ??

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    Default Access DB on another server...

    The real question is "can we connect to an Access db across severs?"<BR><BR>Server.mappath isn&#039t part of the solution even if the connection is possible.<BR><BR>You may be running into a permissions issues.<BR>That may require something like this:<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>But, before you try that, you need 1st question answered. (And I&#039ll tell you that I don&#039t know, don&#039t even have the Access provider installed on my server...;P)

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