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    Default Include on a 2nd webserver

    I&#039ve got a file on 1 webserver which I want to inlude on a 2nd webserver.<BR><BR><BR>The file is dynamically altered every day so it needs to be included<BR><BR>My server makes the file, somebody interested in my info can include my file on his page, but I haven&#039t been able to include the file on another webserver with the &#039standard&#039 method<BR><BR>&#060;!-- #include file="" --&#062;<BR><BR>doesn&#039t work.<BR><BR>is there any way, doesn&#039t need to be an include, to get my info to his server?

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    vijay Guest

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    try &#060;!-- #include virtual="" --&#062; istead of file it may work<BR><BR>

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    Scimitar Guest

    Default tried that, didn't work :(

    already tried that, didnt work :(

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    You can&#039t do this with include. (This should be covered by the FAQ&#039S?)<BR><BR>If the information you are trying to grab is content (as opposed to scripting) then you could use an HTTP component (like ASPTear) to get the info and then RESPONSE.WRITE it into your page. If, however, you are looking to include ASP script code in the processing mix, you cannot do it this way.

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    if both web servers are on the same domain, you can create an iis virtual directory link to the other server. certainly works with unc&#039s although not sure if it&#039ll work across a url source (i&#039d have thought it highly unlikely given nt&#039s security model) if the servers are not on the same lan / domain.<BR><BR>is it feasible to just download the file to be included onto the 2nd server at preset times?

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