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    milind Guest

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    i&#039m using one COM which calls two other COMs each of them inserting data in a header and detail table resp. <BR>if any error happens in any component that components errorhandler rollbacks THAT COMPONENTS sqls. <BR>how to rollback the SQLs of the header COM when there is an error in the detail COM ? <BR><BR>like when there is some error in detail COM,not only the sql in that coponent should be rolled back but the SQLs of header COM should also roll back . <BR>how to tackle this ? pl. help urgently thanks in advance milind

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    Karin van Ettinger Guest

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    the component that starts the transaction - I suppose that will always be the same, otherwise you need a redesign - must be defined as requiresNewTransaction. The other components must be defined as RequiresTransaction.<BR><BR>use objectcontext as follows<BR>dim oc as objectcontext<BR>set oc = getobjectcontext()<BR><BR>create the components as follows:<BR>set obj2 = oc.CreateInstance("ProgID van obj2")<BR><BR>if anything goes wrong abort the transaction by the statement<BR>oc.setAbort<BR>

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