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    I wonder if you can help me with this: I&#039m trying to put a calendar control<BR>on a webpage. I have decided to use the MonthView Control, but now I have<BR>two problems:<BR>* How do I get the value that was clicked on the calendar?<BR>* When I click on the calendar I get the message "An ActiveX control<BR>on this page is not safe. Your current security settings prohibit running<BR>unsafe controls on this page. As a result, this page may not be displayed as<BR>intended"<BR><BR>Do you know how I can solve these problems?<BR>

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    The first problem , u can get the values by an API function using javascript code. Read the manual for this.<BR>The second problem :<BR>Your setting in the browser does not allow activeX to run. You can disable this warning or change the disable option to prompt only.

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    Take a look at DateTimePicker Control<BR><BR><BR>and<BR><BR><BR><BR>This might help<BR><BR>Michael

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