Hi all!<BR><BR>I have a problem with the ASP hanging (and hangs IIS) under win200.<BR>Any help would be appreciated. The connections works fine otherwise, it&#039s just<BR>affected when i&#039m using the date function. And only when running it from the W2K server.<BR>I&#039m using MDAC2.5. Tried 2.6 but it&#039s the same problem.<BR><BR>The below string is included in a SQL select string.<BR>".... WHERE a.DATE_ENTERED &#062; TO_DATE(&#039" & date - 180 & "&#039,&#039yyyy-mm-dd&#039) AND ...."<BR><BR>When i run this under NT4 Server it works fine. However when i&#039m running this under<BR>Win2000 Server it just hangs. Doesn&#039t even display an error message, it also hangs IIS so<BR>a restart of IIS is necessary. However if i remove this line from the sql string it works<BR>fine. I&#039m running Oracle8. The date/time settings are correct and the same on the two<BR>servers. Why won&#039t it work under w2000!?<BR><BR>And is there any other way to compare dates (todays date - xx days) in Oracle ??<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Anders