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    Hi<BR>How do i go about writing the following using response.write method:<BR>"James&#039s Place"<BR>As I&#039ve tried all sorts of conatations and can&#039t get it right. Please help...<BR><BR>Also if I wanted to write the string:<BR>so i said "blah"<BR>how would i do this

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    If you are using VBScript, use the following:-<BR><BR>Response.Write "James" & Chr(39) & "s Place"<BR><BR>To do the string, use<BR><BR>Response.Write "so I said " & Chr(34) & "blah" & Chr(34)<BR><BR>Chr(number) writes the Ascii character for the number given.<BR><BR>Andy

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    Default <%response.write "james's palace"%>

    &#060;%response.write "james&#039s palace"%&#062;<BR>works perfect.

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    Default much simpler

    Why go to all that trouble?<BR><BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;response.write "Jame&#039s Place"<BR><BR>works just fine. And for your second example:<BR><BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;response.write "so I said ""blah"""

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