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Thread: Columns not being returned in recordset

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    gerry Guest

    Default Columns not being returned in recordset

    I am creating a recordset from a SQl table using the &#039select *&#039 clause. I found that certian columns were not being returned to me. I then found that if I added those fields into my Seclect clause they would appear but only if I placed them in a specific order within the Select. As an example "Select *, name, title, member" name might not appear but if I had it as "Select *, title, name, member", Name would be returned but then Member and title would not. If I then changed it to "Select *, member, title, name" all the columns would be returned to me !!!! I even removed the * and replaced it with every column in the table, this did not cure the problem. <BR><BR>This sounds crazy to me but true. Any thoughts as to why this might be happening?<BR>

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    Default * means all fields ..

    if u have only one table, then * means all fields. So if u mentioned * , don&#039t give field names. <BR><BR>if u have more than one table in the query, to get all fields from one thable and few from other the sybtax will be as follows:<BR><BR>select table1.*,table2.field1 from table1,table2 and so on.<BR><BR>i think u r confusing poor old sql.

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    gerry Guest

    Default RE: * means all fields ..

    I did initally have &#039select * from table1&#039 and only have one table. Some of the fields were not returned that was why i added the individual field names

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    Lurker Guest

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    I remember reaading recently that you *might* have problems with memo fields unless they are retrieved last in your Sql string. If by chance &#039name&#039 is defined as a memo, that could be the explanation.

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    gerry Guest

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    name is not a memo field but I do have a memo field in the table and would be retrieved with the &#039*&#039<BR><BR>Thanks

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