Using ASP & SQL to implement Doucment Mangement Sy

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Thread: Using ASP & SQL to implement Doucment Mangement Sy

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    Default Using ASP & SQL to implement Doucment Mangement Sy

    I am going to implement a DMS for my company as one of the intranet function, what i means DMS here, is to allow our user to fill in application form, e.g. leave record, money claims, etc. and the system will automatically send the content of the form to the person(s) who will need to approve it, so is a kind of workflow.<BR><BR>is there anyone who worked it before, because i am new in ASP and SQL, so I would like to have some advice on both ASP programming tricks and the database design issue.

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    Default A bit too broad.

    I have created a system pretty much just like this, however your question is a bit too broad. You need to first sit down and dertemine the needs of your users and system. This is a &#039preliminary specification&#039. That will then lead you to specific database design issues and logic requirements. Which will then lead you to specific questions that we can help you with.<BR><BR>If you ARE asking for very broad assistance, or would like to discuss purchasing software that I (or any of us here) have created, I (we) would be happy to work with you on a consulting basis. However, I (we) would be very happy to help you for free with more specific questions... after all, that&#039s why we&#039re here!<BR><BR>

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