Problems with Session Variables and IE 5.5

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Thread: Problems with Session Variables and IE 5.5

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    Default Problems with Session Variables and IE 5.5

    I developed a Shopping cart with an array stored in a Session Variable called SESSION("Cart")<BR><BR>Everytime bevor a new Item is stored in the Array, i check if the Item is allready there. <BR>And with Internet Explorer 5.5 sometimes the Item is in the Array<BR>BEFORE I store it there. <BR><BR>This Problem exists only in IE 5.5 not in IE 5.0!<BR>I don&#039t understand that because, ASP is serversided.<BR><BR>Has anybody any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>M.D.<BR>

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    Well, I realize that IE has some bugs, but I doubt that any of them have rendered the host server (IIS) clairvoyant. I can, however, can make a prediction of my own that is pretty much guaranteed to be accurate... the problem is in your code. :-)<BR><BR>Show us your code and we&#039ll help you figure it out.

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