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    Hi friends <BR>i wrote small code for sending the mail using CDONTS,<BR>but its not working,my WINNT server also has Proxy server.<BR>and IIS installed in that.<BR>here is my code<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim objCDO<BR>Set objCDO= Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail") <BR>objCDO.To=""<BR>objCDO.FROM =""<BR>objCDO.SUBJECT="how is yday"<BR>objCDO.BODY="hi this is cdonts mail to u"<BR>objCDO.send<BR>Set objCDO = Nothing<BR>%&#062;<BR>is there any proxy setting/any network permissions we have to set, i have no idea, if any body nkows give me a reply or send me a mail<BR><BR>Kittu<BR>

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    There is no problem in your code. It works well. I tried that in my system, it really works well. You can upload your file to your web server, It will work perfectly.<BR><BR>I don,t know whether you can send a mail from a proxy IIS server.

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