thanks again for the help - I finally found the solution for having multiple joins when querying an Access database - indeed the problem was syntax.<BR><BR>Access, apparently, requires the joins to be nested.<BR><BR>SELECT m_requests.REQ_ID, m_requests.pickup_loc, m_requests.deliver_loc, m_requests.req_date, m_requests.deliver_type, m_delivered.d_datetime, m_delivered.signed, m_pickup.p_datetime, m_pickup.messenger, m_pickup.p_code, users.uFname, users.uLname FROM users <BR><BR>left outer join (m_requests left outer join (m_pickup left outer join m_delivered ON m_pickup.p_ID = m_delivered.d_ID) ON m_requests.REQ_ID = m_pickup.p_ID) ON users.UID = m_requests.UID_req WHERE (((m_requests.UID_req)=1));"<BR><BR>is the final query I came up with to allow multiple left outer joins - cross joins or multiple selects of course cause EOF/BOF if one of the joined tables has no data - the above most closesly simulates SQL Server.<BR><BR>Any thoughts appreciated.<BR><BR>(thought I posted this this morning but don&#039t see it)