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    i&#039m using cdo in asp to access an exchange server on our network. it was working last week and now it won&#039t create a session. the problem, i think, is caused by the exchange server being upgraded to win2k (w/ active directory) from nt4 over the weekend. the iis is still running nt4. we are also still running exchange v5.5. they are upgrading everything slowly to 2000; not an optimal situation. <BR>anyway, when i try to create the session, the cdosession.currentuser is always &#039unknown&#039. therefore, i can&#039t open any message folders. <BR>i&#039ve checked msdn and none of the suggestions helped. if anyone has any ideas, any help would be appreciated. let me know if you need more details. thanks.<BR><BR>rob

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    Did you take any special steps with regard to user persmissions?<BR>I.e. did you grant IUSR_SERVER_NAME permissions on the old (nt4)Exchange box?<BR><BR>I&#039m asking because it may be an authentication/permissions issue. Just a stab in the dark...<BR><BR>How much do you know about the network environment? Are you guys running an NT domain? Are the IIS & Exchange servers part of the domain?

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