Can I "post" data when I use Response.Redirect?

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Thread: Can I "post" data when I use Response.Redirect?

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    Dan Taflin Guest

    Default Can I "post" data when I use Response.Redirect?

    I need to pass data from one page to another in a Response.Redirect statement. I know I can append a querystring, but suppose I have a LOT of data to pass and a querystring just won&#039t do? Can I use a "post"-type method to get the data passed?

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    Default Short answer: No.

    Sorry, but can&#039t be done.<BR><BR>You may want to look into Server.Transfer (in latest versions of IIS...I don&#039t think its in PWS yet? but I may be wrong on that).<BR><BR>Short of that, best solution might be Session values. This isn&#039t as ugly as it sounds: On the next page, you get the values back out of the Session values and then immediately delete the Session.Contents, so you really are *not* putting any noticeable hit on the server, because of the short length of time you are using the resource.<BR><BR>

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    Default Submit the form using Javascript

    Hi<BR><BR>Instead of using Response.Redirect() use Javascrpt to automatically submit the form to the desired page.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.<BR><BR>Santhosh<BR>santhosh_arvind@hotmail. com

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    Dan Taflin Guest

    Default Thanks - I'll use that.

    Thanks - I think Server.Transfer will help, as we&#039re upgrading to IIS 5.0 soon. But we are also doing away totally with session variables (turning it off on IIS), which is what prompted my question in the first place.

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    Troy Guest

    Default RE: Submit the form using Javascript

    Just response.redirect then append a QUERYSTRING to it.<BR>&#060;%strX = "slimshady"%&#062;<BR>&#060;%response.redirect ("/myfile.asp?mystring=" & strX)%&#062;<BR><BR>Then read the querystring in the next page...<BR><BR>Hope this helps!

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