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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m hoping someone knows how to update an excel file sitting on a server. I&#039m not intending to use it as a data source. Instead, I&#039m interested in providing a spreadsheet version of some of the functionality of the web site provides (so people can work off line or customize the calculations). I&#039ve done this before by creating a new spreadsheet dynamically, but this time there are so many macros and other backend functions that it would be much easier to create the spreadsheet in advance, update it via the web, and provide a download link.<BR><BR>I found some tutorials on how to connect to the spreadsheet (dsn-less), but I&#039m having trouble finding the syntax for entering data into the cells once I&#039ve connected. Also, does anyone know of a way to copy the existing spreadsheet and give it a new name before the updates occur)?<BR><BR>As always, if there&#039s an entirely better approach that I&#039ve overlooked, I&#039d be interested in hearing about it.<BR><BR>Thanks for the help,<BR>Geoff

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    I am looking to do the exact same thing!! I can&#039t seem to find this information anywhere!!<BR><BR>Microsoft Support has an "example" but I can&#039t get it to take the update..<BR><BR>Any guru out there, help!!<BR><BR>Attila

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