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    I need to perform match checking on a text box than may contain 1 or many values. In other words, I have to send this value(s) thru my SQL stmt one at a time to offer a list of close matches on each value for a user to select one or none, then send the next item (if there is another) thru my SQL stmt to offer a list of close matches, etc, until I go thru all of the items. <BR><BR>How do I send the value(s) of one text box thru to my SQL stmt one at a time to bring back new records each time?

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    I think this way it would be good.take the input from textbox in page1.asp and split it using split() function and then create hyperlinks dynamically(upto this it is in page1.asp) for each of them.all these hyperlinks points to <BR>&#060;a href="page2.asp?word=searchword"&#062;Searchword&# 060;/a&#062;<BR>...for other links<BR><BR>then in the page2.asp u trap these words by request.querystring("word") then say<BR><BR>if request.querystring("word")="xxx" then<BR>code to display its matchings<BR>elseif request.querystring("word")="yyy" then<BR>.....<BR>elseif<BR>.....<BR><BR>end if<BR><BR>hope u r clear with this.

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    I get it until the if...then statement. Since I do not know what the words are going to be, how can I do that? In other words, I need to take the recordset in page2 (TDC) and diplay it on the main page, allow the user to choose one or none, then go back to page2, have the next list of possible matches show on page1, allow the user to choose, and go back to page2, rerun the query and display the findings on page1 for the user to choose, so on for each entry that may exist. I was thinking about splitting them and maybe putting them into an array, but I am unsure of how to do this. I think you are on the right track...

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