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    Is there a way to maintain the session variables such as a user&#039s name or ID going back and forth between asp and pages?

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    I just had to deal with this very problem when adding new features, implemented in ASP.NET to an ugly, old ASP application. Sadly, the answer is no. While you can jump between ASP and ASP.NET pages in your web app, they are executed in entirely different processes. (ASP.NET uses the .NET runtime, while ASP is an ISAPI filter.) They cannot share the same session. There is some hope, however...<BR><BR>The solution I used may be less than perfect, but it works. The login.asp page, after authenticating users and storing session variables, redirected to a home page, site.asp. I modifed login.asp to pass the values of the session variables in a querystring while redirecting to a new file, login.aspx. This new file stores the session variables in the ASP.NET session, then IT redirects to site.asp.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.<BR>~D. Peter

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