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    Hi!<BR>I&#039m playing with simple ASP commands for creating table, and switching couple times between ASP and HTML using<BR>&#060;% and %&#062;:<BR><BR>ASP code<BR>HTML CODE<BR>ASP CODE<BR>HTML<BR>....<BR><BR>Does this way has any performance issues?<BR>Should I use strictly response.write maybe? Like<BR>response.write("&#060;table border=&#039 1&#039 &#062;") and put all HTNL tags in response.write?<BR><BR>Thank you, <BR>Victor

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    Well, yes, it does degrade performance to switch often, but Respone.Write isn&#039t a barn-burner either. I have seen a white paper from Microsoft that even says to write a script to strip out comments from your final production code.<BR><BR>Not sure it is much to worry about, unless you are getting really really busy - then there are really a host of things you could look at for performance increases!

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