I think you shoud know this is JSCRIPT forum not J

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Thread: I think you shoud know this is JSCRIPT forum not J

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    Arky Guest

    Default I think you shoud know this is JSCRIPT forum not J

    Ive noticed that lots of posts have been made on Javascript, maybe JScript should be bolder with a better explaination about what this forum is REALLY ABOUT.<BR>FYI,<BR>Arky

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    Hoopla Guest

    Default JSCRIPT forum != JAVASCRIPT forum

    got it.<BR>

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default It's also supposed to be ASP server-side

    If you read Scott&#039s welcome message, it&#039s also clear that this is a *server-side* JScript forum. But do people post server-side problems. I&#039ve seen only a few:<BR><BR>"Do you use JScript as your server-side language? Got a question on translating some VBScript to JScript? If so, this is the forum to ask those questions! (View the JavaScript Tutorial Page!)"

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    Default enlighten me...

    i thought jscript was short for javascript...what is jscript??

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    Default RE: enlighten me...

    JScript is Microsoft&#039s *extended* version of JavaScript. Netscape originally invented JavaScript, so it&#039s not surprising they pulled up M$ on their use of the name when it differs from the Netscape specs.<BR><BR>Client side javascript now conforms to the ECMA-262 standard and is called ECMAScript, though everyone still knows it as javascript<BR><BR>j

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