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    Steve, Can you email me please I am having alot of grief with this code, Akhilesh, Bill and Doug have been helping me but I am sure they are shaking their heads at this stuff. I have about a months experience (if that)with ASP and dont know which way to turn. I have been thrown into the middle of a project and do not know what I should be doing. The support I am getting from the company that designed the site is next to nothing and I rely on the support from this forum to help me through these problems. I do not beleive I have all the tools necessary to complete the task/code ASP. I am using allaire&#039s 60 day demo version of homesite. And in order for me to test my work I have to upload the page to the server using ftp and then run it through my browser<BR><BR>

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    You can send me what you have to<BR><BR>I&#039ve been out for awhile, so I&#039m pretty busy this morning, possibly this afternoon also. If I can&#039t get to it today, I&#039ll try tonight or tomorrow.<BR><BR>I know it&#039s overwhelming... I wish I knew of this message board when I first started out also. Lotsa struggling at first on my end.

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    struggling is an understatement by every stretch of the imagination....stuff has been sent as much as it looks straight forward the more it is cockeyed

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