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    Hi, does anyone know how to add an URL to the Favorites menu without displaying the corresponding dialog box in MSIE?<BR><BR>The following code always displays the dialog:<BR><BR>window.external.AddFavorite(&#039ht tp://www.myurl.com&#039,&#039My Title&#039)<BR><BR>I know that it&#039s bad practice to do this but I&#039ve had it done to me and I&#039m kinda curious as to how it was done!<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>Eric

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    You can&#039t do that, it would be a serious breach of privacy. What if you were surfing porn one night on your mum&#039s computer, and every site bookmarked itself?? What would your mum think?<BR><BR>don&#039t even think about things like this.<BR><BR>j

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