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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default A lesson in courtesy

    Well, who would have ever thunk it....<BR><BR><BR>I sat on an interview yesterday with someone who I have helped in the past on this exact message board. He didn&#039t remember me until I showed him an article I have written here. Once he saw the 4 guys site, he opened a file where he had my response and a solution to his problem from a question he posed in here several months ago.<BR><BR>Lesson to be learned... you never know who you may run into later. Just remember your demeanor in here may pay off later on down the road.

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    Default I thought things like this happen only in movies..

    But u didn&#039t tell about the outcome of the interview?

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default It's a small world

    What happened? Was the job offered ? Were the rates upped ?

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default Still waiting outcome

    I guess we shall see!<BR><BR>Strange, isn&#039t it? I guess what goes around, comes around.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default RE: I thought things like this happen only in movi

    Went well... I don&#039t usually make commitments on the first one... mostly it&#039s just a Q&A and tests coming from them. Maybe I&#039ll find out later on in the week.

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    Default So, that's what mom meant...

    when she said if you can&#039t say something nice about someone, don&#039t say anything at all.<BR><BR>The real reason for this? You say more about yourself when you go on rant about someone else&#039s problems....<BR><BR>You say a lot about yourself when you&#039re cynical to ppl in these forums....(even if they&#039re question really is stupid, and they really should just done some searchinng)<BR><BR>Cool beans Steve!

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    Default So changing jobs huh SC

    while you are at it could you look for one for me too....

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    Default Don't believe a word of it!

    &#062; while you are at it could you look for one for me too.... <BR><BR>Oh, come on, I offered you a job a long time ago and you wouldn&#039t take it. You&#039re just hunting for pats on the back, aren&#039t you? Okay: Pat, pat, pat. Oh, what the hell: Pat.<BR><BR> <BR>

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