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    Hello,<BR>In my application,every user can upload images which will be displayed<BR>on his page generated by ASP.<BR>If all the images are stored in one folder,the problem is that if the<BR>file name already exists(may be uploaded by other user) then the<BR>original file may be lost.<BR>One soln to it according to me is rename the files and precede the <BR>name with user&#039s login which is unique.<BR>But I don&#039t know how to go about it...please help me out to implement<BR>it.<BR><BR>The other method is to create a folder for every user and store images<BR>in it..this is much simpler,but I don&#039t know whether it is ok to store<BR>more than 1500 folders on a server.<BR><BR>If any other ideas please let me know.<BR>Thanx a lot.<BR>-Nikesh

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    you could always append the current date and time instead of username. alternatively, use the aspsessionid value. that will be unique, but only to the users browser session. if the same user tries to upload a 2nd time in the same session, they&#039ll overwrite.

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