Hi!<BR><BR>I need to save some time doing some price calculations on the project i&#039m working on<BR>right now. What i need to do is to save 2-3 recordsets somewhere for fast access.<BR><BR>There will never be more than a maximum of 50 simultaneous users online.<BR>The machine is equipped with Win2000 with 512mb RAM. Running SQL 7.<BR><BR>Each query result (maximum of 3) will return 50 - 500 records,<BR>i want to save/cache this somewhere whenever a user has successfully logged in.<BR>Every user will recieve different query results so i can&#039t use a generic one...<BR><BR>I&#039ve thought about writing a VB component which returns the recordset as an array and then saving it in a session. But is this really the best way ?<BR><BR>Anyone have any other ideas how to do this a better way? Any book recommendations, web references etc would also be appreciated.<BR><BR>Cheers!<BR>Anders