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Thread: mixing anchors and querystrings

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    Default mixing anchors and querystrings

    How do I direct the browser to an anchor on a dynamically generated page with querystrings in the address field, from within that dynamically generated page?

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    What are you trying to ask?<BR><BR>You can create &#060;a name=anchor&#062; dynamically and then have a link (also created dynamically) &#060;a href="dynamicPageName.asp#anchor"&#062; to bring you to that anchor.<BR><BR>(I&#039ve done this w/ a list of months near the top of the page, pointing to entries, grouped by month late in the page. Takes a bit of coordination on your part.)<BR><BR>I don&#039t know if you can preserve the original query string items in that page when your going to an anchor somwhere in the page.<BR><BR>i.e. i don&#039t think this would work: &#060;a href="test.asp?someParam=someValue#someAnchor"&#06 2;click here&#060;/a&#062;

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