Procedure of creating COM Components

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Thread: Procedure of creating COM Components

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    Give the Procedure of creating COM Components

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    Com Compo can be created using VB and VC++<BR>VC++ gives you interface to more advanced features of the COM specs like the Iunknown and SAferef, where as all this activity is transparent to VB. So here is how you create a COM in VB<BR><BR>1. open a VB project <BR>2. Create a new ActiveX Component. When you do this VB gives you a ready tranparent COM interface all that you have to do now is add your methods and properties if there are to the Component. Rename the class1 to what you want ans thr project ane to whatever you want.<BR>Make sure that your methods take care of error handling and do not have any interaction with the outside world. ie do not put msgbox or print cmds in the component. <BR>3.Test it with a VB client. Compile the Class and register it on the server. On NT server you will register it with the follwing command at the cmd prompt. regsvr32 Pathofcompiledcompnent.<BR><BR>And your VB COM Compo is done

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