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    rahul Guest

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    ths problem i am facing is too hard to solve for me.<BR>well i have 10 location and at every location there is one database which contains stocks information now i want to replicate or merge in onecentral database at given time and one should be able to search all information from one database only.i am using 10 location as different database b&#039coz if any single link is broken then one database will be isolated.<BR>my database is in access. can anyone tell me how to solve this prob.

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    Chris tenDen Guest

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    A couple of ways depending on how I undestand your problem:<BR><BR>1: Use Seagates crystal reports. It can search on multiple databases using one query. Pain in the *** though.<BR><BR>2: Using ASP query each database and insert the results of each into arrays using rs.getRows(), then display the results of each of the arrays.<BR><BR>3: Have you tried making an access database that links to the other databases. I have never tried this but worth a shot. It would be really cool if it works. You&#039d have to a have 10 different tables but your sql statement could simply have 10 unions. Let me know if this works.

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