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    Hi, <BR> I have a general variables question that has been killing me for the past two days. I&#039m sure it is<BR> simple, but I can&#039t figure it out.<BR><BR> I have a variable called StrTemp that is defined as: <BR><BR> StrTemp=Request.QueryString("Manufacturer") <BR><BR> This is basically a manufacturer&#039s name retrieved from a form on another page. <BR><BR> I then have another form which places this value in a field of the form as such: <BR><BR> &#060;td width="233" height="5"&#062;&#060;input type="text" Value="&#060;%Response.Write(StrTemp)%&#062;"<BR> name="Manufacturer" size="30"&#062;&#060;/td&#062; <BR><BR> This workS perfectly. IN addition, entering value="&#060;%= Request.QueryString("Manufacturer")%&#062; also<BR> works <BR><BR> However, when I try and do a simple Response.Write: <BR><BR> Response.Write(StrTemp) <BR><BR> It will NOT print out the value. The only reason I can think of is that setting StrTemp to a<BR> Request.Querystring doesn&#039t actually set it to a "text" variable, and that the only reason it works in the<BR> form is because I specify the input type = "text".<BR><BR> How do I get StrTemp to be printed out as a simple text string??? <BR><BR> By the way, I have tried pretty much every combination of &#039s and "s and &s I can in the<BR> Response.Write command as well as the definition of StrTemp as<BR> Request.QueryString("Manufacturer").<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR>

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    Default Show us your code!

    Cannot see why this would not. Might be helpful to see this portion of your code.<BR><BR>&#060;% Response.Write StrTemp %&#062;<BR>or<BR>&#060;%=StrTemp%&#062;<BR>or<BR>& #060;% Response.Write %&#062;<BR>or<BR>&#060;%=Request.QueryString("Manu facturer")%&#062;<BR><BR>all should work. With Response.Write, you should not use the parenteses if this is VBScript, only for Javascript.

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